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JULY 2019

Five Tips for Selecting a Successful Development Program

Conventional wisdom says people don’t leave companies, they leave bad managers. But the route to creating effective leaders may not be as cut-and-dried as is commonly assumed. A survey of satisfied workers reported by the Harvard Business Review revealed those most likely to stay in an organization, “… found their work enjoyable 31% more often, used their strengths 33% more often, and expressed 37% more confidence that they were gaining the skills and experiences they need to develop their careers. This highlights three key ways that managers can customize experiences for their people: enable them to do work they enjoy, help them play to their strengths, and carve a path for career development that accommodates personal priorities.”

So, how can organizations be sure their development efforts will really result in more effective leaders? Here are five tips you can use to ensure the success of your development initiatives:

1. Be More Strategic.

“One-size fits all” training doesn’t work across all levels of your organization. “Design-it-yourself” takes too long and requires too many of your valuable resources. You can be more strategic with a systematic approach to leadership development that addresses the different needs of each management level, such as the Leadership Pathway offered by Executive Forum.

2. Link it to Your Real-World Challenges and Opportunities.

Your development strategy should be linked to the real work so your people can apply their learning to their real-world challenges and opportunities.

3. Avoid Just Training

Training events are usually limited to knowledge acquisition or education. Go beyond just educating by including exposure and experience. Focus on changing behavior over time through time-phased learning. Give your learners the chance to practice and learn by doing.

4. Bring in Experts.

Development programs presented by trainers frequently lack the depth offered by a facilitator whose expertise is specific to the material being presented. The professional staff of thought-leaders at Executive Forum is a good example of how you can bring a high-level of expertise to your leadership team.

5. Measure Your Outcomes.

The right approach to leadership development will deliver significant improvements that can be measured to determine a clear ROI. One organization reported a Return on Investment of over 900% after partnering with Executive Forum. The tangible improvements included higher engagement scores, reduced turnover, and greater success in change management initiatives.

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