Real Leaders Don't Work Alone

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Leaders build the future by “developing leaders who develop leaders.”

Real leaders don't work alone. They collaborate with and encourage others, they model desired behavior and they're not afraid to make mistakes. Successful leaders (and organizations) understand that long-term success hinges on the development of leaders.

Blogger and 'Leadership Freak' Dan Rockwell makes a good case for why it's essential for organizations to actively engage in the development of new and aspiring leaders. His "How to" list for developing leaders includes some great tips:

1. Ignore the organizational chart.

2. Look for those who have aspirations for themselves and others.

3. Exclude those who aren’t faithful contributors already.

4. Teach the fundamental leadership behaviors (Kouzes and Posner):

  • Model the way.
  • Inspire shared vision.
  • Challenge the process.
  • Enable others to act.
  • Encourage the heart.

5. Tell the truth compassionately. Coddling is affirming, not developing.

6.  Welcome challenge. Team members that don’t challenge themselves and others are followers.

7.  Make room for consequences. Don’t blame, but don’t shield either. Ask, “What are you going to do about it?”

According to Rockwell, the exponential leadership goal for 2016 is to 'develop leaders who develop leaders.' He suggests organizations that are experiencing a leadership crisis are organizations whose "...current leaders entirely missed the point of their existence." But building a coalition of real leaders doesn't happen overnight. That's why Executive Forum delivers time-phased learning programs like Leadership Lab™ to help leaders at all levels master new skills, apply them in real-life situations and forge a solid foundation for continued development.

Find out more about how our leadership development programs will help your organization build real leaders for long-term business success. Call 503.635.3079 or contact us for more information.

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