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JULY 2018

Interdependent Leadership—A New Approach for A Changing World

In a complex and challenging world, leaders are increasingly faced with conflicting goals and priorities. To successfully address these competing demands, leaders are often forced to take an "either/or" position, even though both "sides" are equally important to an organization. These "paradoxes" generally involve one of three types of competing demands: those related to innovation, those resulting from globalization and those inherent in having competing obligations between customers, shareholders and others.

The paradox of leadership has been widely discussed. Harvard Business Review clearly presents the case in Both/And” Leadership by Wendy K. Smith, Marianne W. Lewis and Michael L. Tushman. As the authors point out:

These either/or questions can never be definitively answered. In part, that’s because they don’t really present black-and-white choices; they invite consideration of alternative demands that are interdependent as much as they are contradictory.

Finding ways to acknowledge these contradictions and build on the interdependencies of outcomes and shareholders is what Interdependent Leadership is all about.

Our new Interdependent Leadership program is designed to support the enhanced behaviors and thinking associated with vertical leadership development. Interdependent Leadership presents a framework for managing the multiple demands of an organization. Leaders learn not just how to solve individual problems; they also are encouraged to identify the tensions underlying the interdependencies involved and how to leverage those tensions for success.

The program uses presentation, experiential challenges, discussion and real-life application to help participants learn the dynamics of interdependency and the skills needed to leverage them. Give your organization the tools needed to develop more resilient, more innovative and more successful leaders. Call Executive Forum today—503.206.8369.

Interdependent Leadership facilitator Peter Dupre
is an educator, consultant and performance coach who designs and leads unique and challenging learning experiences. As a Principal and founding partner of Peak Performance, he pioneered high impact training and coaching programs.

Peter is adjunct faculty at the Center for Creative Leadership, providing executive coaching, curriculum design, and custom program training. He developed the highly successful Team Leadership Module for their flagship Leadership development programs, selected by The Wall Street Journal as the most effective programs for senior executives worldwide.


Step-Up to Leading Others
Sept. 17, Oct. 1 and 22, 2018

Give frontline leaders key insights and specific skills to strengthen their leadership capabilities and create a more engaged workforce (21.75 HRCI/SHRM credits)

Leadership Lab
October 5, 12, 19, 26 and Nov. 2, 2018

Mid-level managers strengthen their interpersonal skills, increase accountability, enhance team performance using interactive experiences (30 HRCI/SHRM credits)

Knowledge Transfer Workshop
November 7 and 8

Introduces the tools and processes for effective knowledge transfer – to cross-train individuals or teams, get new hires up to speed quickly and efficiently and meet succession needs as employees prepare for retirement. (6 HRCI/SHRM credits)